Don't close your eyes!

Don't close your eyes

Death accompanies us, it is a consequence of our birth, it applies to all of us and no one is going to avoid it. And still we do not talk about death very much. We are afraid, we close our eyes.

This website invites wide public to read, write and speak about death and dying, about helping each other, about sense of our life, about quality of life, about improving End-of-Life care.

This website invites people to help to develop palliative care in Czech Republic, to increase the quality of End-of-Life care.

You can find here news about World Hospice and Palliative Care Day and about other charity concerts and performances. You can read the texts from famous people, the true stories written by voluntary workers from hospices, you can find your own way to help the hospices.


Help us to help!

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